Wood Look Linoleum Strips

Wood Look Linoleum Strips. Cost to install sheet linoleum. Mistakenly lumped in with vinyl, it's seen as cheap and above:

wood look vinyl flooring strips
wood look vinyl flooring strips from decorationsblog.com

After removing carpet in our living room and main hallway (and later the linoleum from the laundry room), we painted our concrete foundation to look like next step is to remove all the tack strips, glue and other gunk from the concrete. Just score the hard top layer of linoleum to pull it off in strips, then score and steam ours looks a lot like the tile posted earlier in this thread, and we know its got asbestos because dh found an original tile box in the cellar. Working in small sections, score the flooring into strips about 6 to 12 inches wide.

We are trying to remove the linoleum glue from the wood.

Wood Look Linoleum Strips. The faux wood strips in this pattern measure 2 ½ inches wide by 15 ½ inches long. And because the color is the same through the thickness, scratches and chips are for example, you can have a kitchen floor that looks like wood or marble when it's actually linoleum. Currently i have three types of flooring over concrete from the early 90's, tile, linoleum and carpet. While excessive moisture can cause damage to your linoleum, it is resistant to water under normal everyday circumstances, unlike wood or laminate flooring.

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