Steam Cleaner Laminate Floors

Steam Cleaner Laminate Floors. Extreme heat from steam mops weakens the sealant on laminate flooring. Steam mops provide a deep clean, causing less damage to sealed laminate flooring as they avoid the harsh chemicals that traditional mops require.

Best Steam Cleaners for Laminate Floors - Steam Cleanery
Best Steam Cleaners for Laminate Floors – Steam Cleanery from

Begin in a far corner using even strokes so you don't for more info on using steam mops on laminate flooring, read our article on the best steam mops for laminate floors. This steam mop is perfect for laminate, hardwood, and tile floors. A laminate floor is fragile and very sensitive to moisture.

The second type of steam cleaner is a steam mop.

Steam Cleaner Laminate Floors. The light steam is all you need for a general cleansing. A steam mop can make the laminate floors start to peel, swell and warp. Steam mops clean without chemicals and use steam to disinfect floors and kill bacteria. Attach a mop pad to the foot of the.

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