Real Wood Vs Laminate

Real Wood Vs Laminate. What's your take on the real stuff vs. Solid hardwood flooring, as the name suggests, is comprised of flooring boards that are solid laminate flooring is manufactured by starting with a core layer of fiberboard made of wood byproducts.

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We think laminate floors look great, there are some exceptional products available, but laminate doesn't look the same as solid hardwood and that's a fact. My friend used to have real wood and after two years ripped it up and replaced with laminate. Comes in a variety of differently sized cuts and is made from real solid woods, giving it natural grains and tones, from light browns, to neutral grays and rich reddish bronzes.

With real wood, there are tremendous variations in the wood grain, whereas the same pattern is repeated every five boards in a laminate floor.

Real Wood Vs Laminate. Is a type of wood floor that consists of several wood or plywood layers. The choice between real wood or laminate is a struggle for many homeowners. Homeowners interested in wood floors have more options than ever before. In a dining room or master bedroom where style is your.

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