Hardwood Floor Durability Chart

Hardwood Floor Durability Chart. Historically, most exotic hardwoods have higher janka scores, but hickory. And your weight or the weight from your furniture on top of those particles basically turn them into sanding.

durable flooring
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Remember, engineered wood flooring offers increased durability and higher moisture resistance. They can withstand the rambunctiousness of a puppy and still look beautiful for decades. Due to the high durability, it's perfect for rooms and homes that see a lot of floor traffic like stairways.

Any questions i didn't cover on hardwood underlayment?

Hardwood Floor Durability Chart. Photographs of flooring and wood products contained on this site are general representations. Hardwood, softwood or modified timber. Distressed finishes are popular for hickory to diminish the different looks between planks since it's. Hardwood flooring prices by type.

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