Caring For Laminate Flooring

Caring For Laminate Flooring. These types of floors have specific care requirements and can't handle excessive moisture, making it important to choose a laminate floor cleaner wisely. Opt for a wide microfiber broom head that will collect and cling to the everyday dirt that gets tracked across your floor.

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Daily care and maintenance of your laminate flooring could include sweeping, dry moping or vacuuming with a hard surface flooring attachment. You'll prevent scratches and surface damage on your laminate floors if you make it a practice to dry mop your floors; For slightly uneven floors, use a foam underlayment as the base for your laminate planks.

Remove loose dirt with a dust mop or a gentle vacuum without a beater bar.

Caring For Laminate Flooring. It will damage the floor. Whenever you notice that your floor looks dirty or dusty, run a dry microfiber mop over it to clear away the debris. You may not be able to mop the floor for 48 hours or you may be given other care instructions, depending on the flooring brand. If you need to remove more stubborn marks such as footprints, then a damp mop and laminate floor cleaning solution are advisable.

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