Bona Floor Cleaner Instructions

Bona Floor Cleaner Instructions. I used bona hardwood floor cleaner and used the bona mop to apply the product and it left a film on. Clean the floor using bona oil cleaner and a bona microfibre cleaning pad.

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How can i remove this? Bona wood floor cleaner free & simple is specially developed for allergy sensitive persons. Bona wood floor cleaner is specially developed to effectively clean the toughest of marks and stains from oiled and varnished floors, including those bona wood floor cleaner is also available in a concentrated form.

May cause stomach irritation if swallowed, drink 1 or 2 glasses of water to dilute.

Bona Floor Cleaner Instructions. 1ltr of concentrate makes enough. All products from bona hardwood floor cleaner instructions category are shipped worldwide with no additional fees. The floors of new dog owners might be the cleanest floors out there. For oiled floors, use instead bona cleaner for oiled floors together with a bona cleaning pad.

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