What Is Laminate Wood Flooring

What Is Laminate Wood Flooring. The manufacturer supplies laminate flooring with the wood grain and color using a photograph of stained wood embedded in a clear coating. Laminate flooring doesn't look quite as good as hardwood flooring, but it is less expensive and more durable.

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Laminate flooring does one thing really well above all else: Laminate floors look better, perform better, and feel better underfoot than ever before. Engineered wood flooring is a versatile and resilient flooring option.

Black diamond's wood & laminate floor cleaner also while the steam mop brands may claim they're safe, check what the care guidelines are for your floor first.

What Is Laminate Wood Flooring. The faux wood effect of laminate flooring means that you get a floor with all the aesthetic benefits of wood, but without the hassle of upkeep and at a cheaper price. Do engineered wood floors scratch easily? Laminate wood floors may look like hardwood, but they require a special cleaning plan. If your remodeling project or new construction calls for the look and feel of traditional hardwoods, then your three main flooring options will be laminate, hardwood, and engineered wood floors.

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